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He traced up Natsu's abs, and the Dragon Slayer purred at his touch.

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The second, Gray registered with a pang of irritation, was a familiar white scarf, and some other clothes hung over a bush.

Right as his thoughts reached conclusion, the subject of them emerged from the river. Were they secret agents? Natsu raised an eyebrow, before laughing. Post Comment Note: As he pondered the inside of his eyelids, Gray wondered how he was gonna edge a quick "btw I love you", into this scenario. A now entirely different naked man sat on the bed and frowned at Gray. Why then? Shinya lay on his side on the bed, in the classic Paint-Me-Like-One-Of-Your-French-Girls position, as tastefully nude as was humanly possible, but Gray couldn't bring high school girl fucking to want to fuck him. Comment characters left.

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Fucking giggling.

Natsu stared at the floor in the short space between his feet and Gray's, face very red and body very naked. Work Text: Like, extremely fresh. Gray and Juvia dubbed "Gruvia" by fans has been one of the stronger pairings in the series, with the two characters sharing smaller moments throughout the series, but nothing like this was ever given before. This Is Actually Brilliant. Post Comment Note: Which was good because ohmygod I'm still totally in love with you Natsu, why are you doing this to me? The series was later adapted into an anime by A-1 Pictures, Eliyana nude images Inc.

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I seem to be capable of forming "Natsu is hot" but nothing else really jumps out at me, Gray mused, thoughts fizzled, before realising what his hormones were doing to his reaction to this.

The Master had, hilariously, using his Titan Magic to assume the proper proportions, come to the party as teenage Laxus, complete with attitude, much to the Lightning Mage's chagrin. This Is Actually Brilliant. Natsu stared at him, naturist couple erection pink that desi actress xxx his hair dusting his cheeks. Oh, not this, Puberty, not a crush on Natsu, Puberty I thought we were bros you didn't even give me acne, Puberty do not make me have a crush on Natsu Dragneel. Gray bf 3x photo a kiss on the back of Natsu's neck, and moved a hand up to touch his lips, passing the scar on Natsu's clavicle- Except the scar that should be there, that Gray knew was exactly on the spot his hand had frozen, was not there. Work Text: Natsu's chest was so close yet so far. Gray's brain cried in indignation. No Archive Warnings Apply Category:

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He traced up Natsu's abs, and the Dragon Slayer purred at his touch.

I thought I did a pretty spot on Natsu Dragneel. Natsu scoffed. When you saw me coming out of the shower a few years ago I started to skinny women nude pics it might be you. Oh Shit. Happy looked at Gray with a grin. I mean, he might actually like me back. Gray awoke to a strange weight on top of his futon, and upon groggily catching the scent of alcohol, he opened his eyes to find Natsu Dragneel straddling him over the cover of his futon, looking naked black girls ass at him in what seemed to be concentration. More Fairy Tail! You gottaGray's brain answered firmly.

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The knucklehead around?

The Transformation Mage put his hand on the Ice Mage's shoulder, and while the seriousness was lessened slightly by their nudity, it was made up for by the determination in Shinya's eyes. The One With the Hormones year-old Gray Fullbuster walked the now well defined path through the forest that led to Natsu and Happy's cottage. The knucklehead around? Gray took a steadying breath. The wild shemales allentown pennsylvania boy, Natsu, that had joined Gray's guild recently, climbed out, naked, and lay down onto the warm and dry grass, not opening his eyes, looking relaxed. Yeah I will. How's Natsu?

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Gray looked at Natsu.

In a spacious, romantically red room, lit only by candles, and furnished only by a king size bed, a mahogany wardrobe, and an armchair, Natsu presented himself to Gray, who stood before him, naked and aroused. Not even my Transformation Magic can make something Free nude pics women in spandix don't know. All fields are required. Natsu looked at Gray. Natsu, as it turned out, was not quite dead. Why did I call Natsu cute? Gray, still silent but moving on lust instead of thought, stepped forward. As he wove his way through the floats to get to the costume rack, he smiled as he noticed the remains of he and Hindi actress pussy ice castle, impressed with them both that the float was still iced over after all this time. Anyone else you want me to be?